Leading Puerto Rico                Into the Future

Partnership for Modern Puerto Rico (PMPR) creates a forum that promotes lifelong, authentic connections among passionate leaders and influencers from Puerto Rico, Act 20/22, the diaspora and service providers. Our mission is to become a catalyst for change and modernization through  co-investment, macro project promotion, deep-dive thought processes, and productive influence through high-level networking.

Others make plans, we collaborate and co-invest.
— Alberto Bacó-Bagué, Founder and General Director, PMPR

Area of focus

Leading Puerto Rico into the future requires focus in key areas that will rapidly propel the island towards a new era of prosperity and growth. After a thorough analysis of successful business ecosystems, we have identified the following key focus areas:

  • Alliance & Co-Investment: Incentivize information sharing and promote targeted co-investment through a mutual collaboration model. Internationalization: Insert the island in the global economy to maximize opportunities for growth.

  • Economic Diversification: Identify and develop a wide array of economic activities and clusters to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.

  • Education & Workforce Development: Strengthen the education system and create alliances with local universities to develop top-notch talent.

  • Giving Back: Community-based philanthropy in coordination with targeted economic development and co-investment goals.

  • Quality of Life: Make Puerto Rico a desirable place to live by providing good employment opportunities, housing, education, health services and leisure activities in line with the most modern economies of the world.